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Twisted inside.

I can't believe all of what is happening right now.
After my father passed away two weeks back, I've found it hard to live. My mom is constantly riding my ass about joining something meaningful. She keeps telling me that I have to fight to survive. She also wants me to quit my job working at Hot Topic. What the fuck is her problem anyway? So I'm not this preppy mother fucker that cares about having a top knotch car, or lots of money. The point is that I have a job. She just pretends to be upset that her husband died. She has already gone on another date. I fucking hate the stupid wench. Shes sooo upset over her husbands death...She recieved over 200 thousand dollars, and has spent most of it on this new guy that shes date. Have I told you guys that hes around my age? Shes 56 and he...he is 23. What the fuck is her problem? I don't even give a fuck. I just want to fucking stab my own mother. How horrible is that? What a feeling.

Went to archery practice last night. That went well. Chris ignored me as usual. Some brother huh? Go figure that he is falling in love with the stupidest girl in his highschool. Some preppy mother fucker, American Eagle wearing cock sucker. She can fornicate her self with a bladed tounge. Bitch. All alone I'm just looking to find some new friends. Stephanie is going through one of her usual "I have no son" stages again. Serves her right for giving birth at 16. Stupid bitch. Now that her son is old enough to tell her off, and her boyfriend just left her, I'm the only one for her. Idiots. I live around, and with...idiots.
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