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Please don't tell.......

As my new job goes on. I stare into the blank space infront of me. Is this what I have become? Only one reason lays deep inside my mind as to why I bother to wake up everyday at 7am. Doug, and friday it happened. Doug is one of the trainers that I have. We get along well I suppose and we have these cute little nicknames for eachother (I know make me fucking puke right?). Still he is a great guy. Tall, and looks like hes a 1950s model. Hes so handsome. I work 8 till 5, and he comes in after lunch around 1. I look for him to come in, and its amazing how beautiful he looks. As my other trainers were all talking to us about our job, I noticed Doug standing in front of me. I looked up and he was staring at me. I blushed of course and looked back down. I looked up again and there he was. The biggest smile on his face, smiling at me. I again looked down laughing now at how amazing beautiful I thought he was. I glanced up one last time and we stared at eachother for a good 10 seconds. His eyes pierced through mine as though darts from the heavens were tormenting me pinch by pinch. I am not allowed to date trainers, coworkers, anyone.

330 came around and we all spilt into groups. Guess whos group I was in? Doug's. The 7 of us went into a dark room named "Silver". We all sat there and talked with Doug about how everything was going. We then all left and came to find out that we were being called into the room one by one. I was the last person called in. I sat down in the room and Doug walked in. I had noticed that he was sitting away from everyone turning all the other "meetings" but he sat right next to me. He sat down.....

"Hows everything going court?"
"Good I suppose " (I then went on for a while)
"Well do you have any questions for me?"
(I breathed deep). "I just wish that you weren't my coworker". I looked up and he was staring into my eyes. I felt my legs start to shake. I felt his eyes pierce through me once again.

"I know what you mean" he said as he glanced down. He then looked back up and placed his hand on mine.
"Please don't tell" he said. He leaned in and kissed me. He pulled back and brushed the hair from my eyes. His eyes stared me down again. He held my hand as I sighed. I looked back into his eyes. I looked at his mouth as he was breathing inches from me. He took my chin and pulled it up. I stared into his eyes. I took my hands and placed them around his face. "Please don't tell" I replied as I brought him closer and kissed him. His lips were like those of a teenagers first. The anticipation, the way it felt. We kissed for 5 minutes. When we stopped we caught our breath. We got up holding hands, and walked to the door. I reached for the knob and he stopped me. He pressed me up against the door one last time and kissed me with an intense passion. "Promise?" he said as I began to open the door. "Promise" I replied.
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